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Beat Doctor

Music Style:  Bouncy electro house       First Toucan Track:  Wanna Ride? (2005)      Real Names:  John
Beat Doctor

John's Beat Doctor project began in January 2005 with the track Wanna Ride, combining old skool sounds with upfront, contemporary house. The Beat Doctor sound was developed further between 2005 and 2007 with the addition of sidechaining and stompier beats, as in Beat Doctor's remix of Risey's Memories Of Thailand and own productions such as Intermission.

In 2008 and 2009, Beat Doctor's sound took a rave influenced electro house direction, with tracks such as Bad Man, and then Too Retro. This sound developed further to include harder, bass-driven elements through 2009 and 2010 in Nosedive and Anaconda.

From 2011, John's Beat Doctor alias has taken a back seat to his other projects.

Latest Beat Doctor News

20th March 2015 Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 3

Resuming our countdown of the top downloads since we launched the netlabel in 2005, here’s the start of the top 10!
10. Pump It (Beat Doctor remix) – Dave Kent
9. Lost The Plot – Beat Doctor
8. Turbulence (JMD remix) – Marc Burt
7. Born Into It (chillout mix) – Redmann
6. Wonderland (Dreamworld remix) – Redmann
We’ll be announcing the top 5 next week, when we’ll reveal our most popular track of all time…

16th March 2015 Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 2

Continuing our countdown of the top 20 Toucan tracks of all time, today we reveal 10 – 14:
10. Pump It (Beat Doctor remix) – Dave Kent
11. Move Harder (Beat Doctor remix) – Redmann
12. Against The Grain (Beat Doctor v Dave Kent remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian
13. The Piano Tune – Beat Doctor
14. Pattaya Boom Boom (dub version) – Risey

11th March 2015 Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 1

For our 10th anniversary as a netlabel this month, we’re counting down our top 20 downloads of all time from the Toucan Music website. Here’s the first instalment counting down from 20 to 15:
20. Bad Man – Beat Doctor
19. Aerial Photograph (Marc Burt mix) – Marc Burt v Beat Doctor
18. Plasma – Redmann
17. Dancefloor Virus (Beat Doctor remix) – Silverknight
16. Reaction One (2007 remix) – Prism
15. Hypnotise – Psychadelik Pedestrian

Look out for the next instalment of the chart soon counting down 15 to 10, and our special podcast at the end of the month featuring all 20 of our most popular tracks!

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Releases by Beat Doctor

Beat Doctor
Alright: The Remixes
7 July 2013
Beat Doctor
Got Me
28 September 2010
Beat Doctor
Anaconda E.P.
22 February 2010
Beat Doctor
16 September 2009
Beat Doctor
The Monster E.P.
13 April 2009
Beat Doctor
Lost The Plot
16 October 2008
Beat Doctor
The Piano Tune
14 April 2008
Beat Doctor
Bad Man
2 December 2007
Beat Doctor
Dancefloor Virus 2007
26 July 2007
Beat Doctor
14 September 2006
Beat Doctor
Aerial Photograph
30 June 2006
Beat Doctor
22 December 2005

Remixes by Beat Doctor

Click the blue icon to download the remix, or the name of the remix to view further details.

DownloadWorld Of Fantasy” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Beat Doctor remix] tou272
DownloadEternal Truth” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Beat Doctor remix] tou272
DownloadYou Make Me” by Redmann [Beat Doctor remix] tou268
DownloadExodus” by Marc Burt [Beat Doctor remix] tou263
DownloadHouse Trancefusion” by Risey [Beat Doctor remix] tou255
DownloadTonight” by Redmann [Beat Doctor mix] tou246
DownloadMove Harder” by Redmann [Beat Doctor remix] tou243
DownloadYour Smile” by Prism [Beat Doctor remix] thc009
DownloadHypnotise” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Beat Doctor remix] tou240
DownloadJumpin'” by JMD [Beat Doctor remix] tou238
DownloadPump It” by Dave Kent [Beat Doctor remix] tou233
DownloadMemories Of Thailand” by Risey [Beat Doctor remix] tou232
DownloadLies” by Marc Burt [Beat Doctor mix] tou228
DownloadPower Line” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Beat Doctor remix] tou227
DownloadAerial Photograph” by Marc Burt & Beat Doctor [Beat Doctor mix] tou220
DownloadPattaya Boom Boom” by DJ Rise [Beat Doctor mix] tou219
DownloadKicks” by Beat Doctor [Marc Burt v Beat Doctor mix] tou212
DownloadTwist Turn Slide” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Beat Doctor remix] tou207
DownloadAudial Assault” by The Toucan [Beat Doctor’s "red hot poker" edit] tou205
DownloadAudial Assault” by The Toucan [Beat Doctor’s "red hot poker" extended] tou205
DownloadAgainst The Grain” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Beat Doctor v Dave Kent remix] tou204