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Music Style:  Uplifting trance and house       First Toucan Track:  Insane (2003)      Real Names:  Ryan Anthony

Ryan Anthony has been producing music for a long time from his small studio in Wales, United Kingdom under the name of Risey. He never limits himself to one genre of music and this sparks from his piano tuition at an early age. Credits include music produced for DVDs and documentaries such as Torn Between Two Worlds, Land Of Smiles by Paul Everett and many others. Ryan also likes to dabble with beat mixing in his spare time, and you can listen to past DJ work online at his website.

Risey's most popular tracks for Toucan have been the massive Memories Of Thailand, released in 2007 and remixed by Beat Doctor into a pumping house anthem, and the epic trance hits House Trancefusion and Insane.

Since writing music for Toucan, Risey has had commercial success producing a wide variety of styles under his own name Ryan Anthony for labels such as Alter Ego Records and Forte Records.

Latest Risey News

27th March 2015 Our top 5 revealed!

Concluding our anniversary countdown of our most popular downloads since becoming a netlabel in March 2005, here are our Top 5 biggest downloads over the last 10 years:
5. Aquarius – Phish Funk
4. Night Beach (Redmann remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian
3. Prismattack (bouncy mix) – Prism
2. Memories of Thailand (Beat Doctor’s stuck in Britain remix) – Risey
1. Feel The Power – Dreamworld

We’ve a special anniversary podcast to celebrate the occasion featuring all 20 of our most popular tracks from this month’s countdown. Head on over to our podcasts page to listen to and download the continuous 90 minute DJ mix blending the diverse range of styles, from electro house and trance to UK hardcore and even chillout!

Thanks for your support over the last decade – here’s to another 10 years of free music downloads!

16th March 2015 Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 2

Continuing our countdown of the top 20 Toucan tracks of all time, today we reveal 10 – 14:
10. Pump It (Beat Doctor remix) – Dave Kent
11. Move Harder (Beat Doctor remix) – Redmann
12. Against The Grain (Beat Doctor v Dave Kent remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian
13. The Piano Tune – Beat Doctor
14. Pattaya Boom Boom (dub version) – Risey

1st January 2015 A third year on top for Risey

Happy new year!  Thanks to everyone who supported us during 2014 by downloading and streaming our music releases.  We’ve counted up all the figures, and across all of our partner sites, Risey’s Memories Of Thailand – the Beat Doctor remix – has been our most downloaded track once again for the third year running!  This track, originally released back in 2007, has gone from strength to strength since being released on our Best Bytes compilation series.  The remainder of the chart is dominated by Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks, mainly from the 2013 Nocturnia album, but second place shows a surprise return to form for an old favourite chillout track, Night Beach.  Now 12 years old and notching up a fifth consecutive year on the chart by reaching its best position so far.  Check out the full download chart here.

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Releases by Risey

Tribal Echo 2009
12 March 2009
Pattaya Sun Rise
31 August 2007
Memories Of Thailand
15 February 2007
Pattaya Boom Boom
29 June 2006
31 December 2005