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Vibemaster B

Music Style:  UK hardcore, bouncy techno       First Toucan Track:  Reaction One (Vibemaster B remix)      Real Names:  Barry Walker
Vibemaster B

Vibemaster B is Barry Walker from Barry first started writing music back in 1993 during the Bouncy Techno explosion in Scotland and went through a phase of writing Happy Hardcore during the late 90's.

For the past few years Barry has been writing UK Hardcore, Scouse House, Trance, Mainstream Dance & Bouncy Techno tunes under the names DJ Jordan K and Vibemaster B. Barry also started up a project called Euphorik Rhythm by writing Acid style Hardcore under the name. Barry's first remix for Toucan was the Vibemaster B version of Prism's "Reaction One" for Toucan Hardcore in 2007.

Latest Vibemaster B News

19th April 2012 UK hardcore remix of Vibemaster B

A new single today for all of you who like your music fast and loud! Prism’s remix of Vibemaster B‘s Rock Your Body is our latest hardcore release and is available to download here. If you like the track, don’t forget to check out Vibemaster B’s own BDW Rekordings netlabel for more UK hardcore, bouncy techno and the best in free online hard dance music.

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Releases by Vibemaster B

Vibemaster B
Rock Your Body
19 April 2012

Remixes by Vibemaster B

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DownloadReaction One” by Prism [Vibemaster B remix] thc008