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Search The Soul

by Redmann

tou231 : Pop Dance :

Search The Soul

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Search The Soul is Redmann's first track of 2007, and sees him reprise his slightly downtempo, yet still uplifting acoustic style first evident on his popular 2002 track Embrace. The original mix has a very catchy pop influenced tune that is likely to get anyone humming along, and features pianos, strings, funky bass and a mix of acoustic and electronic rhythms. Dave Kent's tongue-in-cheek remix speeds up the tempo with a slightly unusual blend of house style breakbeats and rockin' funky guitar sounds.

Download Search The Soul - original mix  Instrumental / pop  [ 3:44 ]
Download Search The Soul - Dave Kent rocks on!  Funky dance  [ 6:42 ]

About the artist: Redmann

RedmannReal name: Andrew Amery
Music style: Funky house, trance and chillout
First Toucan track: Mindwarp (1996)
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Creative Commons Licence
Search The Soul by Redmann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at This licence allows these tracks to be used for commercial purposes, including monetized YouTube videos and commercial radio airplay, free of charge and without payment to any third party performing rights organisation providing the artist and Toucan Music is acknowledged. Although the BY-ND licence does not permit derivative works, Toucan Music do permit free use of these tracks in mixed DJ sets.

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