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Latest Creative Commons Release

12 February 2015X-Ray Acid Heavy-Handed - Blastculture

Acid House

Download X-Ray Acid Heavy-Handed by Blastculture (original mix)
Acid House

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12th February 2015 New Blastculture release for February

Our February release is out today! Blastculture is back with two new tracks, showcasing his acid house side with X-Ray Heavy-Handed, bringing in plenty of sirens, claps and bleeps. War At 136bpm is classic Blastculture – pumped up minimal house with techno influences. As always both tracks are available in full length high quality mp3 audio format to download, so grab them now from our release page.

11th February 2015 Check out what’s coming up at Toucan in 2015…

We’ve got plenty more in store for you at Toucan in 2015! Our February release, coming shortly for download, will feature two brand new tracks from Blastculture. In March, we’ll be celebrating the tenth anniversary of our first netlabel release and, to mark the occasion, Aerologic will be revisiting the tracks – Thirty One and Formation. Can you believe it’s been ten years? Neither can we! We’ll have some more great releases later in the year, including a remix of Phish Funk’s Lava Lamp by Blastculture and an EP reviving the classic sound of piano house. Space fans will be eagerly awaiting the first flyby of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft in July, and we will be celebrating the event by revisiting one of our oldest tracks Voyage To Pluto! So don’t forget to check back with Toucan for more free netlabel goodness every month…

21st January 2015 The Logic EP is live!

In our first release of the new year, Aerologic present a brand new EP featuring four original EDM tracks. Combining Aerologic’s trance-flavoured contemporary EDM with a variety of other influences including classical and old skool, the EP includes a mix of melodies along with more minimal, bleepy tracks. All of the tracks are in full, DJ friendly extended versions and available to download from the release page in high quality MP3 format. Coming up next month we’ll have two new tracks from Blastculture, so stay tuned in February!

1st January 2015 A third year on top for Risey

Happy new year!  Thanks to everyone who supported us during 2014 by downloading and streaming our music releases.  We’ve counted up all the figures, and across all of our partner sites, Risey’s Memories Of Thailand – the Beat Doctor remix – has been our most downloaded track once again for the third year running!  This track, originally released back in 2007, has gone from strength to strength since being released on our Best Bytes compilation series.  The remainder of the chart is dominated by Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks, mainly from the 2013 Nocturnia album, but second place shows a surprise return to form for an old favourite chillout track, Night Beach.  Now 12 years old and notching up a fifth consecutive year on the chart by reaching its best position so far.  Check out the full download chart here.

31st December 2014 Feature length 2014 DJ mix is now available to download

Our feature length DJ mix featuring many of our 2014 releases is now available to download!  Just visit the 2014 mix page for a complete tracklist and the download link.  Enjoy the mix and keep listening in 2015…

Toucan Music Presents 2014 by Toucanmusic on Mixcloud

29th December 2014 Mix of the year 2014 – listen tomorrow!

Well, yet another new year is nearly upon us and if you’re fed up of the Christmas music and are looking for something a little different to feast your ears on then we have a treat in store!  Our annual end of year mix has been prepared, featuring 75 minutes of the best Toucan tunes from 2014 blended together in a seamless DJ set.  Join us over at VKRS Netradio tomorrow evening – 30th December – at 19:00 GMT for the first broadcast, and don’t forget to grab the free download of the entire DJ mix which will be available from New Year’s Eve from the End Of Year Mixes menu. If you’re in a retro mood, all our previous mixes going back to 2005 are also free to download too.

12th December 2014 Polar Interference

It’s December, the nights are closing in and there’s definitely a chill in the air – what better time to bring you a brand new mix of JMD’s trance track Polar?  Aerologic is on hand to provide another epic EDM remix, keeping the essence of the original with it’s uplifting melodic hook and adding some seriously dirty bass riffs, punchy EDM beats and a huge saw lead.  Hot on the heels of this remix is the one and only Blastculture, who has been busy in his studio reworking JMD’s collaboration with Kube, Interference.  Adding his customary intricate techy beats and glitch effects while retaining the original acidic bass and haunting melodic vocal clips, Blastculture once again delivers a deep house track to keep those late night floors alive.  Go and get ‘em here:!

12th November 2014 Two new tracks from Marc Burt

This month’s release features two great new original tracks from Marc Burt.  Combining Marc’s trademark uplifting yet slightly chilled trance style with progressive house influences, Human Intelligence is a feature length DJ friendly track with a catchy bleepy riff.  Amazonia adds lush reverb and echoes to vocal snippets, retro brass and synth samples, set to a pumping beat with a ’90s garage flavour.  Check them out from the release page.

15th October 2014 Two Toucan Remixes

To celebrate ten years of Toucan Music, we’ve two new remixes of The Toucan!  Blastculture has reworked The Enemy Within, transforming the electro breaks track into a brooding, groovy house workout complete with crisp beats and rhythmic effects, while keeping the bouncy electro bass.  Aerologic’s remix of Audial Assault layers the robotic vocals on top of slamming synth riffs to create a pumping EDM anthem.  As usual, both remixes free to download and re-use under a Creative Commons licence – get them from our release page.

17th September 2014 New remixes of Redmann

This month’s release features two new remixes of some classic Redmann tunes.  Blastculture gets his hands on Move Harder and reworks the electro house track in a dark and edgy progressive style.  Aerologic pumps up the chilled vibe of the original Born Into It by adding big EDM synth sounds and a large build up section in the middle.  Both remixes are available to download free now from the release page.

7th August 2014 Blastculture is back

Today we’ve got two new tracks from Italian house producer Blastculture and a bonus breakbeat remix available for free download.  In his first track on the release, Grooveiera, Blastculture expertly blends metallic, tribal percussion with funky house beats and swiriling pads.  For the second track, Hotter Again, Blastculture delivers a stuttering techno riff to accompany his crisp house grooves.  Head on over to the release page for more information and those mp3 downloads

10th July 2014 Brand new EDM remixes of Why Not

This month’s new release is out today – our 100th release since our netlabel was launched in 2005!  Aerologic is on hand to celebrate the occasion by providing two new EDM remixes of Excelsior’s 1999 euro-trance track Why Not, originally released on Toucan Music’s predecessor label Frantik Music. The euro mix retains the original vibe, blending the uplifting melody with pizzicato arpeggios while introducing harder, modern EDM synths and supersaw riffs.  The piano mix combines elements from both the original and JMD’s 2004  remix, building the track with sizzling electro bass and crisp house beats before a breakdown to piano chords and meaty synth stabs.  Grab the free MP3 downloads now…

19th June 2014 Remixes of Marc Burt’s trance track Ethereal

Three new mixes of Marc Burt’s trance track “Ethereal” are available to download today from the Toucan Music netlabel.  Our latest release features two remixes from Aerologic, an uptempo mix and a progressive mix, and a minimal house remix from Blastculture.  Check out the Ethereal release page, and don’t forget there’s a free download if you like what you hear…

9th May 2014 New release from Psychadelik Pedestrian

Psychadelik Pedestrian is back with his first release since last year’s Nocturnia album, which features two new tracks – Starlight is a spaced-out, chilled track with trance influences, while Needle Drop is a hectic breakbeat workout.  Listen and download both on our release page here.  As always, both tracks are free downloads and available for re-use in non-commercial projects without royalty payments.

16th April 2014 New music from Blastculture

Our April release is out today, with two great new progressive cuts from Blastculture available for download.  Combining his trademark progressive house sound with slightly sinister effects, flanging, spoken female vocals and shuffled garage beats, No1 Is Safe and Speak Out are two pumping tracks ideally suited for late night dancefloors.  Grab them now from our release page.

11th April 2014 Choose the right music for you with our new licence filter!

Looking for music to accompany a project?  We’ve added a new licence filter to our release page!  Now you can quickly and easily find the music that has been released under the right Creative Commons licence for your needs – so if you’re after a song to accompany a monetized YouTube video, for example, you can filter out the non-commercial licences and go straight to just those tracks that are available to use commercially.  Or, if you want to get creative and mash up the track, you can easily filter out those pesky Share-Alike restrictions.  Go straight over to our latest releases to check it out, or find out more about our music licensing.

20th March 2014 Toucan Thursdays – tune in from this week

Starting this week, we’ll be broadcasting a selection of our favourite Toucan Music tracks past and present!  Featuring a wide range of electronic music, from EDM, trance and house through to atmospheric chillout and melodic downtempo grooves, we’ll be covering the whole spectrum of genres available in our latest releases and back catalogue.  Tune in to hear some brand new tracks for the first time, before their release, and rediscover some long lost tracks from our archives dating back to 1999.  The broadcast will be online on Thursdays at 8.30pm GMT (UTC) at

19th March 2014 Introducing a new EDM artist

Our latest release, available for download today, introduces a brand new artist Pitchcraft.  Pitchcraft presents an infectious blend of electro house, glitch and commercial club music in his debut two track EP.  Both tracks, Follow Me and Pinball, are available to download free of charge under a podsafe Creative Commons licence ready for your DJ sets, mash-up and reuse.  Grab the tracks here: – and find out more about Pitchcraft here –

26th February 2014 New progressive house release from Marc Burt

This month’s new release is out today and features two new progressive house tracks from Marc Burt.  The title track, Bungee Jump, is a strange and slightly minimal affair, combining a haunting, bleepy riff along with a strange, elastic lead sound, but bringing in some of Marc’s trademark uplifting melodic trance elements towards the end.  The second track, Pages From Ceefax, blends house beats with retro and easy listening sounds to bring back that early morning vibe of watching teletext to instrumental music.  As usual both tracks are available to download for free, and are Creative Commons licensed for you to reuse in your videos, DJ sets and any other way you like.

25th January 2014 New remixes of Neurotic for 2014

Our first new release of the year is here – and we’ve brought back a classic track to start 2014.  Reworking Redmann and Hyperterminal’s trance anthem Neurotic, originally released on Frantik Music in 1999, is Aerologic with a new EDM version to bring the track bang up to date.  Also included for the purists is a new trance mix from Hyperterminal, keeping the original rolling trance vibe and updating the sounds for the 21st century.  As usual, we’re keeping those downloads free of charge and ready for reuse with the ol’ Creative Commons licence!  Get the new mixes now on our Neurotic release page.

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