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Music Style:  House and Trance       First Toucan Track:  Ricochet (2011)      Real Names:  John
AerologicJohn has been writing dance music under many other artist aliases since 1994. After producing electro house as Beat Doctor and trance as JMD for over six years, John decided in 2011 that these projects had run their course as the genres started to merge. As Aerologic, John combines the styles, creating melodic, uplifting, contemporary tracks designed to fill the dancefloor.

Latest Aerologic News

25th January 2014 New remixes of Neurotic for 2014

Our first new release of the year is here – and we’ve brought back a classic track to start 2014.  Reworking Redmann and Hyperterminal’s trance anthem Neurotic, originally released on Frantik Music in 1999, is Aerologic with a new EDM version to bring the track bang up to date.  Also included for the purists is a new trance mix from Hyperterminal, keeping the original rolling trance vibe and updating the sounds for the 21st century.  As usual, we’re keeping those downloads free of charge and ready for reuse with the ol’ Creative Commons licence!  Get the new mixes now on our Neurotic release page.

2nd December 2013 Latest Aerologic EDM release

Our latest release, out today, features two brand new EDM tracks from Aerologic.  Combining warm, analogue synth trance chords with contemporary EDM rhythms and stab sequences, both tracks have an uplifting melodic vibe and are free to download and re-use in DJ mixes, videos and other productions under a Creative Commons licence.  Visit the release page for more information and to grab those downloads in mp3 format.

3rd September 2013 Marc Burt releases Deep Sea and Outback

Marc Burt’s latest E.P. is out today featuring two new tracks in a progressive trance style, Deep Sea and Outback, featuring Marc’s trademark uplifting pads, crisp house rhythms, and some wobbly bass for good measure.  There’s also a bonus EDM remix from Aerologic to get the dancefloor buzzing!  Listen and download now from our release page at

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Releases by Aerologic

Digital Nation
2 December 2013
14 March 2013
Close Encounters
27 January 2012
2 September 2011

Remixes by Aerologic

Click the blue icon to download the remix, or the name of the remix to view further details.

DownloadNeurotic” by Redmann v Hyperterminal [Aerologic remix] tou294
DownloadDeep Sea” by Marc Burt [Aerologic EDM remix] tou289
DownloadAlright” by Beat Doctor [Aerologic remix] tou287
DownloadPlastic Explosive” by Redmann [Aerologic remix] tou283
DownloadBy The Water” by Space Invaderz v Psychadelik Pedestrian [Aerologic remix] tou281