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Music Style:  UK hardcore       First Toucan Track:  Losing Control (2001)      

Dreamworld is an alias for DJ Prism, used for UK hardcore and trance-core productions.

The first Dreamworld track Losing Control was produced in 2001. A follow up, Piano Euphoria, was produced in 2002, and the following year the track Voyage To Saturn was released, which has become the most well known Dreamworld track. Voyage To Saturn featured in the top ten Toucan tracks from 2004 until 2007 and received over 7000 downloads alone in 2004; it was also featured on the front page of the now-defunct Ourmedia.org website in 2005

Several Dreamworld tracks have been produced since 2004, and one, Feel The Power, topped the Toucan download chart in 2008. The Dreamworld remix of Voyage To Pluto has also proved popular on streaming sites such as Last.FM.

More recently, the Dreamworld name has taken a break as Prism has gone back to using his original artist alias, producing tracks for Toucan and BDW Rekordings in 2009 and 2010.

Latest Dreamworld News

27th March 2015 Our top 5 revealed!

Concluding our anniversary countdown of our most popular downloads since becoming a netlabel in March 2005, here are our Top 5 biggest downloads over the last 10 years:
5. Aquarius – Phish Funk
4. Night Beach (Redmann remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian
3. Prismattack (bouncy mix) – Prism
2. Memories of Thailand (Beat Doctor’s stuck in Britain remix) – Risey
1. Feel The Power – Dreamworld

We’ve a special anniversary podcast to celebrate the occasion featuring all 20 of our most popular tracks from this month’s countdown. Head on over to our podcasts page to listen to and download the continuous 90 minute DJ mix blending the diverse range of styles, from electro house and trance to UK hardcore and even chillout!

Thanks for your support over the last decade – here’s to another 10 years of free music downloads!

8th March 2015 Celebrate our 10th birthday with our latest release!

Ten years ago on 8th March 2005, we released an EP from trance producer JMD featuring two tracks, Thirty One and Formation. Although the Toucan Music website had been live since January 2004, and had been releasing music online since 1997 under the name Frantik Music, the release of Thirty One and Formation marked a significant moment. Before this two track EP was released, Toucan had promoted all its music on external websites, such as the now-defunct Vitaminic and MP3.com free download portals. In 2005, Toucan Music became a netlabel and we began promoting music downloads directly on our own website, making our audio available under a Creative Commons licence for re-use. Ten years and a hundred and seven releases later, we’re still here! Having clocked up well over a million downloads, our netlabel has gone from strength to strength while continuing to promote a diverse range of electronic and dance styles. Grab our remixes of JMD on the release page here.

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Releases by Dreamworld

Dreams Come True
19 March 2010
Feel The Power
15 February 2008
17 March 2006
17 August 2005
21 June 2004
Voyage To Saturn
4 August 2003

Remixes by Dreamworld

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DownloadVoyage To Pluto” by Prism [Dreamworld remix] tou312
DownloadFormation” by JMD [Dreamworld remix] tou308
DownloadPolar” by JMD [Dreamworld remix] thc015
DownloadNew Beginning” by JMD [Dreamworld remix] thc015
DownloadWonderland” by Redmann [Dreamworld remix] thc007
DownloadAre You Feeling It?” by Redmann [Dreamworld remix] thc007
DownloadVoyage To Pluto” by Prism [Dreamworld remix] thc004